Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Recruitment agencies allow his clients to get more opportunities to show his skills to the particular company. The purpose of staffing company is to provide chance to a well professional to show his talent and get job in the famous multinational companies but some candidates also feel bad experience with staffing companies due to some mistakes. Here are some tips for dealing with Recruitment Agencies and get benefits from them
Respond quickly to an agency’s telephone call or email as they may be competing to get their candidates considered by the employer ahead of those of a rival agency’s
Agencies like candidates who are looking for roles that are consistent with their previous work history and therefore easier to sell.  Make sure that your CV sells you as an obvious choice for your target roles and all the information you provide is right.
If you are looking for a career change, then unless you can persuade them that you are a better candidate than the more obvious candidates, they are unlikely to put you forward. Recruitment agencies have fee targets to reach and their priority is the customer who has good experience in relevant field.
Your CV should contain maximum achievements regarding to that particular job.
If a job advert sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  Don’t be surprised if you are told that this job has been filled because it might be possible that a person with more talent and experienced has been selected for that particular vacancy
Go for roles that you want.  While the recruitment agent may be very persuasive, do not be pressured into considering a role that you know you don’t want.  It is a waste of time for everyone concerned if you are put forward for a role that you never have any intention of accepting 
Be honest and make sure grades, employment dates etc are accurate.  Inconsistencies that are picked up by an employer will reflect badly on the agency and they may lose trust in putting you forward for future vacancies.
Think beforehand about your salary requirements and check with the agency that these are realistic; they will have a good handle on market rates
Employer should show his best so they can sell you more easily
They can give good feedback on how realistic your aspirations and salary requirements are
Act quickly they haven’t got the time to mess around
Be interview ready as they may not put you forward if they think you are unprepared
It doesn't matter to them whether you or one of their other candidates get placed, so go out of your way to make it easy for them to put you forward. Remember that world is full of competition. Recruitment agency will give you maximum chance to be select for particular job but they can not assure you that you will be selected without showing any good performance. So be honest and struggle hard to perform best on the platform provided by the recruitment agency.

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